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Started in 2003, KEEN is a Portland, Oregon-based company that promotes cross-purpose footwear for outdoor activities particularly through the HybridLife program. Its latest and greatest endeavor has been industrial footwear with a new, hip look, some styles of which are manufactured in the US at the company's home base. Try these once and you won't turn back.
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Anchorage Insulated, Men's Item: 1017790 Manufacturer: KEEN $150.00
Mid-Height Dark Earth and Mulch Waterproof 200-Gram Insulated Chelsea Boot
Durand II Mid Waterproof, Men's Item: 1020218 Manufacturer: KEEN $195.00
6-Inch Brown and Gargoyle Waterproof Work Boot
Newport H2, Men's Item: 1001938 Manufacturer: KEEN $100.00
Navy Water-Friendly Sandal
PTC Oxford, Men's Item: 1006980 Manufacturer: KEEN $115.00
Black Oxford
Rose, Women's Item: 1016733 Manufacturer: KEEN $90.00
Gargoyle Gray Sandal
Steens Leather Waterproof, Men's Item: 1022327 Manufacturer: KEEN $125.00
6-Inch Black and Raven Waterproof Insulated Hiking Boot
Targhee III Mid Waterproof, Men's Item: 1017787 Manufacturer: KEEN $150.00
Black Olive Waterproof Hiking Shoe
Targhee III Mid Waterproof, Women's Item: 1023040 Manufacturer: KEEN $150.00
6-Inch Magnet and Atlantic Blue Waterproof Hiking Boot
Targhee III Open Toe Sandal, Men's Item: 1022423 Manufacturer: KEEN $110.00
Bison and Mulch Sandal
Targhee III Oxford, Men's Item: 1022513 Manufacturer: KEEN $125.00
Dark Earth and Mulch Oxford
Targhee III Slip-On, Men's Item: 1022658 Manufacturer: KEEN $110.00
Dark Earth and Mulch Slip-On Shoe
Targhee III Waterproof, Women's Item: 1018177 Manufacturer: KEEN $140.00
Weiss and Boysenberry Waterproof Hiking Shoe
Targhee III, Men's Item: 1017783 Manufacturer: KEEN $140.00
Black Olive Waterproof Hiking Shoe
Targhee Vent, Women's Item: 1023033 Manufacturer: KEEN $130.00
Steel Gray and Ocean Wave Hiking Shoe
Terradora II Vent Waterproof, Women's Item: 1022353 Manufacturer: KEEN $150.00
Mid-Height Magnet and Ocean Wave Waterproof Boot
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