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Toe Ice Cleat Strap, Unisex

Deep Snow Cleat Toe Strap

Item: Strap, Toe

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Manufacturer: Stabil

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Stabil has some safety cleats that are perfect for tackling ice on the way to the car or into a store. But what if you are taking those Stabil Walk cleats up a mountain side? Strap on Stabil's Powder Strap to guarantee that cleat is not lost in deep snow. The Powder Strap secures ice cleats securely in place, attaching to Stabil's proprietary TPE compound Walk cleat. Lace it through the sides of the cleat and velcro to the top of the foot above the balls of the feet. Then you are ready to hit walk, trek, and walk to your heart's delight without fear of losing your traction.
• Fits Walk and Hike Stabil Ice Cleats • Velcro Closure • Reinforced Stitching • Made in Maine, USA
  • Manufacturer: Stabil
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