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Ultra Power Cell Deodorizing PEET Dryer

Portable Footwear Dryer Technology
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  Manufacturer: Peet Shoe Dryer
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The portable PEET footwear dryer keeps gear dry and warm on the go. It removes wet and sweat from all types of footwear. Slightly warmed air is released throughout the footwear to dry nature's wetness and foot sweat. This genuine drying properly removes wetness from leather resulting in prolonging its functional life. You save money. Utilizing strictly controlled molecular science, it takes normal oxygen molecules (O2) and gives them a small but powerful, electrical charge. This temporarily creates oxidizing ozone (O3) molecules. When they come in contact with odor and pollution molecules, the O3 penetrates them. This destroys these bad molecules by altering their chemical make-up. Odor isn't covered up - it's abolished.
• The PEET Power Cell Travels Everywhere and Dries and Warms All Types of Footwear • Eliminates Odors Caused by Perspiration and Bacteria • Removes Contaminants Like Viruses and Mold that Can Cause Skin Irritation and Deterioration of Materials • Extends the Life of Footwear and Gear • Ideal for All Types of Materials Including Leather, PVC, Rubber, Neoprene, Canvas, Synthetics, Cloth, Fleece, Felt, Micro and All Modern Fabrics • Safe Silent Operation
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