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2.0 Polish Kit

Condition and Polish Care Kit
Item: 2.0 Polish 

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  Manufacturer: Winterport Boot Shop
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This go-to leather care kit focuses on reapplying vibrant color to worn-out leather. Save 10% through the kit than buying the care items individually. Choose the color right for your footwear and select from the drop-down menu.

We start you off with polish for smooth leathers. Take a look at your footwear wardrobe and you will likely find some leathers have faded. The elements will do that, from sun to repeated cycles of wetting and drying out. Apply polish cream to the leather (remove the laces for best application), and rub vigorously with the 100% horsehair dauber brush included in the kit. To buff out the polish, rub further while creating some heat between the cloth and leather. We prefer to do one shoe at a time because we can see the incredible difference a single coat of polish can do.

Now that your footwear is polished, the trick is getting it to stay that way longer. It makes sense to polish often, but we threw mink oil paste and NaturSeal by Red Wing Shoe Company into the kit to extend the fresh polish you applied. Think of leather as skin: it needs to be moisturized through conditioning. Applying that conditioner allows freshly polished footwear to embrace the brightened color. Use either conditioner on the shine cloth included in the kit.

Mink oil paste contains a silicone and lanolin formula (not actual oil from mink) and does that for oil-tanned and dry-tanned leathers. Mink oil also softens leather and adds water repellency. NaturSeal does the same thing as mink oil, but it is our all-arounder for additional leather types. Red Wing developed the NaturSeal formula to penetrate leather, enhance breathability, and increase pliability. We recommend using NaturSeal on suede and nubuck as well as waterproof leathers. NaturSeal also works well on oil- and dry-tanned leather, but if you do not plan to increase waterproofing on those, then stick to the mink oil paste.

Brighten and condition your shoes and boots. You will be surprised at how much longer they will last, how much money you will save, and how much better your feet will look. Believe us, people notice the difference. You will too.

Meltonian polish

• For All Smooth Leathers

Mink oil

• Silicon and Lanolin • Work Into Seams and Stitching • Smooths, Conditions, Cleans, Softens

Dauber brush

• 100% Horse Hair • Smooth, Lacquered Wood Handle


• For Leather and Fabric Footwear • Long Lasting Protection • Leather Still Breathes Naturally • Stays Pliable at Low Temperature • Safe on Gore-Tex Footwear • Caution: Darkening Can Occur. For Fine Leathers, Test First • Caution: Combustible and Poisonous. Contains Petroleum Distillate

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