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Care Kit

Clean, Condition, and Polish Kit
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  Manufacturer: Winterport Boot Shop
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We tell everyone who buys our shoes, “You get more life out of your footwear by caring for the leather.” This kit cuts 10% off the items available for individual sale that are critical to quality leather care.

Leather is like your skin. It needs to be cleaned. It needs to be moisturized. And it is really simple to do this at a low price. If you maintain the leather, color stays vibrant, will not crack, and holds better to the sole to which it is attached.

The items in this care kit are for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting leather. We start with Huberds Saddle Soap. Huberds soap is good for all leather products and it is a blend of mild cleaning agents that clean leather fibers. Do not use Huberds soap on suede. Mixed in is a conditioning compound that lubricates and prevents stiffness or drying out of the leather. While the conditioning features of saddle soap are helpful, we include a stronger conditioning product by Red Wing Shoe Company.

Now it is time to condition with boot oil. If you are familiar with our store, you may know that we live and die by Red Wing footwear. Red Wing’s attention to leather is excellent and the conditioning and Red Wing Boot Oil is no exception. Repeated wetting and drying can rob oil-tanned leather of natural lubrication. Boot oil protects during all weather.

Last step, protect. Red Wing Leather Protector is a non-silicone product that places an invisible coating over the leather. This layer seals out water, stains, and dirt, so when these substances land on the leather, they are easily wiped away. Leather protector is safe for all colors and will not darken or change the color of your leather.

While we love selling more pairs, we recommend you take care of your shoes and boots. You can save hundreds of dollars by spending less than thirty. You have everything you need right here with Huberds Saddle Soap, Red Wing Boot Oil, and Red Wing Leather Protector.

Saddle Soap

• Thoroughly Cleans and Lubricates Leather Fibers • NOT Recommended for Suede • Mild Cleaning Agents and Conditioner Formula • Rub in a Circular Motion into Leather, Wipe When Dry • Apply as Often as Needed

Boot Oil

• Work in Vigorously and Leave Dry Overnight, Then Wipe Off Excess • Caution: Poisonous. Contains Petroleum Distillates

Leather Protector

• Safe For All Colors, Will Not Darken or Change Color • Caution: Combustible and Poisonous Due to Isopropanol Content

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